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Is Gen Digital a Good Investment Opportunity as MarketBeat’s ‘Stock of the Week’?

Key Points
Gen Digital recently acquired Avast, PLC, taking a significant financial hit in the process. However, this acquisition also brings them closer to their goal of becoming a dominant player in consumer cybersecurity.
Investors have the potential to not only benefit from the company’s recovery and growth but also receive a generous dividend payout.
Compared to other large-cap systems software stocks, Gen Digital is significantly undervalued with a price-to-earnings ratio of 7x for the next year.
While Gen Digital is currently rated as a “Hold” by analysts, there are five other stocks that top-rated analysts recommend as better investment opportunities.
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Before making a decision about investing in Gen Digital, take a moment to consider the following:
MarketBeat closely follows the recommendations of top-rated research analysts on Wall Street and the stocks they suggest to their clients. Unfortunately, Gen Digital did not make it to the list of top recommendations.
However, if you’re interested, you can view the top five stocks that these analysts are currently recommending by clicking on the link provided.
Additionally, MarketBeat analysts have recently published their top five short play recommendations for November 2023. This report highlights the companies with the highest short interest and provides insights into how to trade them. Click the link below to access the report for free.

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