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Key Points
 As the machinery industry begins to experience growth, investors can seize the opportunity and invest in this space before the market fully recognizes its potential.
There are three companies in this industry that have shown both technical and fundamental momentum, making them attractive options for trend continuation plays. These companies have been rewarded with higher valuations and continued favoritism from the markets. The ongoing economic trends may also contribute to their strong financial results in the next quarter.
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As the US economy reaches a turning point and potentially slows down, certain industries receive special attention from the market. Investors can analyze where the new momentum and favoritism are focused and make potentially profitable investments before the wider market catches on.
The machinery manufacturing sector, in particular, has been experiencing growth during these challenging economic periods. Established companies in this industry have been outperforming their competitors, indicating a promising outlook.
Why Invest in this Space?
By studying economic breakdown reports, such as the ISM manufacturing PMI report, investors can gain insights into investment opportunities in specific industries. For example, the machinery industry has been highlighted in the July report, suggesting potential growth in new orders and production. This sector has reported the highest production output and a significant increase in employment compared to other industries.
This increased activity and employment, driven by new business opportunities, are likely to result in higher earnings and valuations for the leading players in the machinery industry.
Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT) is a global supplier of farming and construction machinery equipment. The company recently reported strong second-quarter results, surpassing analysts’ estimates and showing double-digit growth. The stock is approaching its all-time high, supported by a 81% increase in earnings per share in the past year. With positive future demand trends, analysts expect only a 4% downside from current stock prices. Caterpillar has also returned $2 billion to shareholders through stock buybacks and dividend increases, suggesting it may still be undervalued. The stock has received higher valuation multiples compared to competitors, with a forward price-to-earnings ratio of 13.8x.
Deere & Company 
Deere & Company (NYSE: DE) has not yet released its quarterly earnings, scheduled for mid-August. However, investors have the opportunity to consider investing before the earnings report, which is likely to beat expectations given the positive industry outlook. The company has already seen a 30% increase in net sales and a 42% growth in earnings per share in the second quarter of 2023. Deere & Company has also repurchased 11.6 million shares, indicating confidence in future financial performance. The stock has a forward price-to-earnings ratio of 13.3x, above the industry average, suggesting expectations of growth and potential rallies.
Eaton (NYSE: ETN) is currently the market favorite, trading at a forward price-to-earnings ratio of 22.7x, which is significantly higher than its competitors. The company reported impressive second-quarter results, with a 13% annual growth in revenues and record quarterly segment margins of 21.6%. Earnings per share also showed an 18% annual increase. The stock is rapidly advancing and aiming to break its all-time high. Despite analysts’ consensus downside of 3.3%, investors may be in for a positive surprise. 
Investors now have the necessary information to make informed decisions about these three key players in the growing machinery industry. As the PMI continues to show favorable trends for this sector, these stocks are likely to benefit from increased sentiment and positive financial performance.Before considering Eaton, it’s important to note that MarketBeat has identified five stocks that top analysts recommend buying now before the broader market catches on. Eaton is not included in this list. If you’re interested in investing in Meta, Roblox, or Unity, click the link to learn more about these companies and the metaverse before making a decision.Get This Free Report

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